I’m grateful to the people of Vista for the confidence they’ve placed in me in electing me to serve on our City Council. As a Vista business owner and homeowner, I care deeply about the quality of life in our city. My wife and I chose Vista as our home for so many reasons, but most of all because of the sense of community we found here and the people we’re proud to call friends and neighbors.

As your Councilman, my top priorities are:

-An End to Budget Deficits.  A balanced budget is a moral obligation of government at all levels and just as with our family’s budget, priorities must be set and difficult choices must be made when funds are limited.  Vista had budget deficits for 7 years before I was elected. I attacked this problem, and demanded accountability. Today, Vista’s budget is finally balanced and our City’s emergency reserve fund is the healthiest it has ever been. 

My second major priority is Public Safety. Keeping our neighborhoods safe is the single largest responsibility of our City government. I fought successfully to re-appropriate existing resources to increase the number of officers patrolling our streets in South Vista. Crime in our neighborhood is at a 49 year low, but that’s still not low enough. I will continue to fight to increase policing in our community and make Vista even safer. 

My third major priority is improving traffic flow in our City. I want you to be able to get to work and home again, faster and SAFER.  I’ve led the way to bring new technology to Vista to create a “Smart Grid” so that signals communicate with each other, and so that our traffic engineers can make real-time adjustments to improve traffic flow and decrease wait times.

In addition to my top three priorities, I’m also focused on creating a positive business climate, attracting new employers and jobs to Vista, and improving our streets and roads.  Eliminating blight and revitalizing our city through redevelopment are also key priorities.

Finally, I pledge to always be personally available to you to hear your concerns.


Councilman John Franklin
(760) 689-2220